What are the things that I get out of prayer?
What sort of gifts am I given?
The fact that I pray doesn’t make my life fair
And gives me no car to be driven.

The words that I pray do not pay what I owe,
The words that I speak can’t be spent.
I can’t use my prayers to buy flour to make dough,
And they cannot be used to pay rent.

The words that I pray won’t buy food to be eaten
And they won’t give me clothes to be worn,
But praying WILL help me to never be beaten,
And to sew up my heart when it’s torn.

Prayer will help me find ways to help others
And help me to face each new day.
It will help me view all those I meet as my brothers
And guide every word that I say.

My prayers will remind me to always be kind
And to greet with a smile those I meet.
They will help me to keep pleasant thoughts in my mind
And safeguard my soul from defeat.

My prayers will enable my spirit to rise
And will open my eyes so I see;
My prayers will help me at last realize
That the future holds hope out to me.

Prayers bring me closer to God, whom I love,
And they help me imagine His face.
With prayer I can see Him look down from above,
And with prayer I experience grace.

The glorious gifts that can be found when I pray
Cost me nothing, they’re given for free.
The chains that have bound me will just fall away
And the truth will be there before me.

Prayer gives my life it’s best chance for completion,
And carries me close to the One
Who saved every soul from Satan’s depletion
Through the death of His sacrificed Son.

My prayers won’t buy jewelry of silver or gold,
And they won’t make me famous, it’s true.
But praying will give me the strength to be bold
And to do those things God wants me to.

Prayer should be something we never forget
In the hustle of living each day;
How long the list is of the things that I get
When I make time in my life to pray.