My Book

Throughout the pages of these “Chronicles”, there is mention made of the daily devotional book I wrote while incarcerated at FCI Oakdale. The book is titled, “TODAY IS….A Gift From God” and is the result of over 2 years of work while in prison, and is a reflection of the relationship I built with God while there.

“TODAY IS… A Gift From God” is a book that, at first glance, might be perceived as ‘just’ another book of daily thoughts, meditations, and devotions. While it certainly is all of those things, close examination will reveal it for what it truly is: A record of the relationship which developed between God and the author following a nearly successful suicide attempt and subsequent 4 year incarceration in federal prison. “TODAY IS… A Gift From God” has taken all of the missteps, mistakes, tragedies, joy, pain, good decisions, and bad decisions of the author’s life and turned them all over to God who then handed them back to the author one at a time in the form of daily messages for others to use to help them live, and enjoy, each new day He gives to us. It is a very personal work in which the author – a 60 year old man who is not a pastor, preacher, minister, priest, or biblical scholar – tries to demonstrate that we are never too old to ask God to help us, to forgive us, and to change our lives. “TODAY IS… A Gift From God” is intended to befriend those who pick it up and make it a daily part of their lives; to be there for them when guidance is needed; to help light a path for them to follow; and to help each person make the most of each and every day. God does hear each and every voice that cries out to him. Even those voices that haven’t cried out in 40 years.

God provided inspiration and guidance throughout. He also provided Diane Woodall, who worked tirelessly to transcribe, edit, type, rewrite, and – generally – put up with me which has never been an easy task).

I am humbly grateful to both.



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