The AFTER-Oakdale Chronicles

Soon after my release, after I got settled in at the Central Union Mission, I obtained a laptop. I wanted to continue writing, and in particular, I wanted to continue blogging. I felt that The Oakdale Chronicles needed to remain something about Oakdale – at least about prison in general, so I decided to go in a different direction.

The AFTER-Oakdale Chronicles was born.

Unlike TOC, which became about my developing relationship with God and how He shaped my views on life, and particularly life in prison, TAOC became about the freedom IN a relationship with Him.

Mostly I post the daily devotionals from my book, “TODAY IS….A Gift From God” but there are a lot of different categories of writing there, including some posts about my recently diagnosed lung cancer. It’s worth checking out. At the very least, check out the blog. Start here, since that was the beginning, That’s the hard part about blogs. The start gets lost, but I assure you the beginning is the best place.

No matter where you start, I thank you for checking it out. It rewards me daily by posting, and I pray it rewards you for reading.

Tony Casson 5/3/2020