“CALL ME SHORTY” by Tony Casson

In prison, those who are relatively close to being released are referred to as being ‘short’. They may also be referred to as ‘short-timers’. No matter the particular phrase used to describe them, it is enviable to be referred to in such a manner. I guess you can call me ‘Shorty’, as I have under 7 months left to serve.

Around Oakdale, there is one sure way to identify at least some of those who are ‘short’. Each fall, the prison hosts a ‘Mock Job Fair.” Representatives from outside companies come in and ‘interview’ those inmates who agreed to participate. It is not required, no matter how ‘short’ an individual may be, but it is a good idea to participate, particularly for those who have little, or no, experience looking for a job in the ‘real world.’ I did, in fact, participate even though I feel confident in my ability to seek, find, and maintain employment upon release. I wanted to contribute in any way that I could, and thought I might be able to help others in their efforts.

In preparation for this event, those inmates participating are required to put together a resume to bring to the ‘fair.’ This presents great difficulty for many, and is probably the number one reason so many opt out of the program. After all, if you have limited education, combined with limited, or non-existent job skills or work history, how can you be expected to write a resume? Perhaps instruction in how to neatly and properly complete a simple job application would be a better skill to teach many of these individuals. There was a little guidance given in the writing of a resume, and there was a short class before the ‘fair’ where different styles were discussed. The matter of how, and where, to address the issue of incarceration was also talked about, and this is where I placed my personal focus.

I am not comfortable with waiting for the subject to be brought up. I am also not comfortable with trying to disguise the menial tasks that I performed in prison as some sort of skilled occupation. The overwhelming majority of prison jobs, at least here, are nothing that would qualify an individual to work anyplace that I have ever encountered. That may sound harsh, but there are simply too many inmates for too few real jobs, so duties are split up and jobs are watered down until there is not much left to even refer to as a job.

As I wrote my resume, I was faced with a couple of obstacles that could not be surmounted with pretty words on a page. I am 60 years old, and I am a convicted felon. Not only that, but a sex offender to boot. So….How to deal with it? Hit it head on! That was the battle cry from the outset and what follows is the result. Will it appeal to everyone who reads it? Absolutely not! Will someone who reads it be curious enough to call me for a face to face talk? I believe so, and that is the purpose of it after all. Then it is up to ME to sell ME. What follows is the resume of Anthony E. Casson. Are YOU hiring? 🙂


2050 S.R. #7






Why hire this individual who has recently been released from Federal Prison?

  • MOTIVATED: Very high degree of motivation to secure and maintain regular employment to aid in re-integration to society.
  • HONEST: 100% open to admit and discuss mistakes and work through them to obtain a positive outcome.
  • RELIABLE: Understands the importance of being on-time each and every day and in giving maximum effort in the performance of each and every task.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Enthusiastic, upbeat demeanor will prove to be an asset to your work environment.
  • MATURE: Seasoned individual with a decisive, calm, common sense approach to any situation.
  • FLEXIBLE: No job is too big or too small and no task is unimportant.
  • BONDABLE: $25,000 bond available through Federal Program at no cost to the employer.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) can reduce your Federal Income Tax liability by up to $9,600.00!


  • 20 years full service casual upscale restaurant management experience including multi-unit.
  • 8 years specialty food service equipment business with emphasis on sales/service and menu development/implementation.


  • Skilled in all Service Positions
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Inventory/Cost Controls
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Menu Design
  • Building Repairs/Maintenance
  • Foodservice Equipment Repairs/Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Ordering  Vendor Selection


Call today for an interview and let me convince you to choose me for your company!

Well, folks, that’s it. By the way….At the ‘Mock Job Fair’ I did get a mock job, starting on mock Monday, making mock money. I told them I would be about 6 months late for my first day, though.

God bless you all and thank you for your time.

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