“THE POET IN PRISON” by Tony Casson

I recently met a young man named James Dustin Smith. He prefers to be called “Dustin”. I discovered that he has a close relationship with God that he relies on to help him get through his own personal situation, and I also had the pleasure of reading a book of poems that he penned. His sister compiled them into that beautiful little book as a birthday present for her brother. It is attractively done and full of….well….it is full of a young man’s innermost thoughts about himself, life, people he loves, and God. As you read the collection, there is a verse from the Holy Bible on each left-hand page, with one of Dustin’s poems on the opposing page. It is a thoughtful compilation, and I enjoyed the things that Dustin shared in it.

The book can be purchased at Blurb.com for a modest price if anyone is interested. Dustin proudly said that it has sold over 500 copies already. He said that to purchase the book, one need only go to that website and search the title, “Rebuilding My Vessel” A Collection of Poems Written By James Dustin Smith Compiled By Kayla Smith Wernet.

Dustin was kind enough to give me permission to include a selection from his book in these Chronicles, so I am offering you the poem which the book itself is named after. I give you:

“REBUILDING MY VESSEL” by James Dustin Smith

Oh, how I sank into my ocean
As I cry out Lord, this is my devotion
Blinded as can be
I once sailed through these waters with my eyes only on me
I used to think I could guide my ship and never sink
But, your mighty waters are so rough
And with every blow to my ship
I taste the water I must sip
Yes, Lord, as I sail through the sea
Your mighty waters pour onto me
Nothing can phase me with you as my captain
I rise up on these waters and this is where my new life happens

I hope you will all give the book a second glance at Blurb.com http://www.blurb.com/books/3586679-rebuilding-my-vessel

God bless you all.

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