The Son, He Lives

It’s incredible seeing the amount of traffic TOC is getting, even when nothing is being posted. Thank you all for reading my dad’s posts!

I don’t remember the last time I wrote for TOC — how sad. But this place is about my dad, not me. It continues to grow, and he continues to write. I’m off job-hunting and feeling life’s path.

These days I’m in Oregon, working for my alma mater (Oregon State University) temporarily. I’m spending weekends climbing mountains and running long distances on Northwest trails. But I’m never too busy to respond to questions.

Having a family member in prison is difficult to endure. We ask ourselves questions — most of which we cannot answer. That’s what friends are for.

If there’s something you wish to ask me, don’t hesitate. I’m here: anthony.casson at gmail dot com

Forgive the odd address. It’s to (help) save me from spammers.



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