“More, Sir . . . can I have more?”

‘Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish’


‘Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor.’

                Proverbs 22:9 NLT

      When I wrote the article titled “You don’t speak Chinese to an Irishman” back in May,  I said that if I received just one of the study Bibles requested , “I have helped to make a difference. Any more than that would be extremely appreciated.”

     Well,  thanks to family, friends, readers and a Bible study group in Virginia, I am happy to tell you that – so far – WE have made an important difference in the lives of over 30 men,  and I thank those of you who have helped me create this problem I now face – I need more!!

     I am approached several time a week by individuals who have seen this particular study Bible – most refer to it as “that big, green bible” – and the questions are always the same:  “are you getting any more?” and “ can I get on the list?”

     I was afraid to ask for the help of all who read “The Chronicles” the first time for fear that I would not get a response. I know now that I have nothing to fear, so I will ask again.  It is a gift of life, almost, to some of these men.

     When I walk through The Unit and see men carrying them, or reading them, I thank the Lord for pointing me to you – the people who can and have made a difference in the lives of many men who need to know, live and learn what is contained in the pages of this beautiful book.

     Those of us who study it are taken to a whole new level of appreciation and understanding of the Word of God and it truly does make a difference.

     When you send one of these bibles to be given to one of these men, you are helping to change a life – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot – but in any case, it is no small thing you are doing.

     I appreciate those who follow “The Chronicles” and I give thanks for the words of support I receive, and for your help in this little project of mine.

     To make things easier,  the mailing/shipping address is below. 

Anthony E Casson

91153-004    Allen-1

Federal Correctional Institution,   Box 5000

Oakdale, LA 71463


God Bless you All,  Tony

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