An Anniversary (of sorts)

It’s been a year since I walked through the gates here at Oakdale and I must say, I am surprised at how quickly time has passed. It will never pass quickly enough, of course (until I am out and then it will pass TOO quickly), but it does go by. Perhaps that is a testament to the people I have met and how the time here is utilized. At any rate, I thank the Lord for each new day, and I pray for continued patience until it is time to hug those I love outside of these fences.
Speaking of hugs: My sister, Kathy, and my favorite brother (in law), Larry, are coming to visit me next weekend. That will be a welcome break in the sameness. We’ll be taking pictures, so when I get them back, maybe I’ll share.
Thanks for reading. Sorry things have been slow. I slow down to ease then burden I place on those who try to help me.

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