For Alan

“This is the day the Lord has made.We will rejoice and be glad in it.”Psalm 118:24
I know the family of my friend Alan is doing just that this evening! Rejoicing as Alan walked away from here a free man this afternoon, released by the 5th Circuit Court Of Appeals in New Orleans after they unanimously overturned his conviction and 15 YEAR sentence in a case they said ‘should never have gone before a jury’.
I will be writing more on this story, and on this man, but I wanted this out there because I have prayed for this man and his family since I first met him almost a year ago and he told me his story. He never should have been here, but I am thankful that he was. He has helped me tremendously finding my path with God and I feel I can go it without him now, although I will miss him tremendously.
His family wants him home and it is with tears of joy in my eyes that I applaud their reunion. JUSTICE has been done, and a WRONG has been righted. While no one can take back what was taken from them, they will all come back stronger than before because , with God, NOTHING is impossible.
I love you, Alan. You are a GOOD man!

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