Making changes

by Anthony

The past 10 weeks have been hellish, and I did not do a good job at posting my dad’s letters. I’m looking at options to make this more efficient. I don’t want my dad losing readers because I’m too busy. There is always an alternative.

As the next few weeks unfold, I’ll keep everyone updated with the developments. I think I have a good solution.

Thank you for being loyal and returning to the blog.


2 thoughts on “Making changes

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  2. joy

    I guess we all finally come to the conclusion that when the chips are down, you can always count on family. Some learn that lesson sooner than others. It doesn’t matter when, it just feels great when it becomes a reality. My husband and I will be making the 14 hour drive to see my son Aaron. We will be leaving tonite and see him on Saturday, which is his birthday. I hate the looks of that place, but will be happy to see his face. Thanks again for your blog! Joy


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