Father and son, conflicting ideas

By Anthony Casson

I just spoke to my father on the phone–literally 3 minutes ago.

Instead of a strong “Hey, Antonio!”, my dad relayed a message to me via a reader connected to one of my dad’s prison mates: “You’re slacking.”

This is true. I haven’t been logging his 400- to 600-word letters.

All excuses aside, my father is obviously passionate about something, and it seems that “something” is public opinion towards people like him. Rarely does he pass the normal “How are things goin'” type questions.

This article got the ball rolling in legitimate fashion.

Before I continue, I need to say something: Anything my father says is of his own personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of my own.

Readers may scoff at that, but they should know I’m a student journalist, and I plan to make it a career. There is no sense getting myself into trouble, and so I write something simple to eliminate potential issues.

He told me today, “This isn’t just about collecting material for a book. This is about showing people what’s happening and changing public opinion.” As a reporter–even if just a sports reporter–it is not my job to persuade people to view something a certain way; I’m not in PR, and I’m NOT a legal activist. My line is drawn. Now readers know.

After a few quick minutes of chatter, we agreed I would finish logging the pile of letters he has already sent me, and I will make the decision whether or not I want to continue.

I’m a storyteller only. I think my dad has an interesting story and can one day write some sort of memoir–the market is saturated, but people want more.

I only hope that a story continues, and that it doesn’t turn into a gotta-fix-society blog–views from an insider. If it does, my time is finished.

Dad, I love you, and I love to help you, but please don’t make this a need-to-exit situation.

3 thoughts on “Father and son, conflicting ideas

  1. joy

    Anthony, my name is joy, and my son is in Oakdale with your dad. I have a hard time expressing my feelings about what our family is going through. Please don’t stop relaying your dads posts, I’ve read them over and over…it feels like I have a lifeline. We live 14 hours away and have only been to visit my son one time, and hope to get down there this fall. He is intelligent, sarcastic, a great big brother, son, father and good person. I pray for him, and all his friends daily. If I ever stop crying, I will become an activist! Thanks again, and please keep writing.


    1. Anthony Casson

      Hi Joy,

      Thanks for the message. Hearing that is a motivational boost for me. I’m busy during the school year, and there may be long gaps before I post information. Do know, however, that I enjoy posting this for everyone and for my dad. If at ANY time you feel a craving for insider information, don’t hesitate to e-mail me (see Contact section). I talk to my dad every few weeks, and we always have funny, detailed chats.

      As for you and your son’s situation, keep holdin’ on to the good stuff!

      All the care in the world for your family,



  2. Jami

    I am so thankful that I ran on to this website! My husband just recently entered Oakdale and I have been worried sick. These posts have helped me to feel some relief! Thank You so much for you and your Dad!


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