One month down…many more to go

By Anthony Casson

It’s weird thinking that my dad entered prison just over a month ago, but the most important thing I can say, as his son, is he sounds good.

He has called me three times since this all started—I’ve told my friends and family that I’m very appreciative of the live-communication opportunities that come with today’s society. Quite frankly, he and I talked about that much when he WASN’T in prison, hahaha.

Since he has NO internet access, and it’s just me typing his entries, he likes hearing how the blog develops. Unfortunately, for almost two weeks I have been unable to update the posts. The reality is I have a large stack of letters from him, but with my normal writing life, I’m usually exhausted when I come around to do this.

But I’m back; my dad is counting on me to get his word to the people—even if it means I have to stare at some of his words for ten minutes, because his handwriting sucks! (Sorry, dad. I still love you!).

As far as how I’M doing, things are all right. Yes, it sucks having my dad away, and yes, I would like to talk to him more; but I’m a pretty tough guy (at least mentally), and we still talk. Of course, it costs plenty of money to make those phone calls, but he does it anyway.

Once again, sorry to the readers for my infrequent entering of his letters. I really do love doing it.

Oh, and he wanted me to pass along that HE WANTS PEOPLE TO WRITE TO HIM. This guy deserves attention—even if he did screw up!

If anyone wants to e-mail me, here is my address (and feel free):

Here’s my collection: Blue box for finished entries, folded ones yet to be shown
My dad’s awesome handwriting…

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