I think I made him happy…

Laguna Seca 2008

When I find a new opportunity, I swipe it away from my competitors — yes, as students, we are competitors. And when I seize the opportunity, I tell my friends and family about it.

My dad sent me an email to check on me and hear how things were progressing at school — – in life. He does this often, mind you. But my response was a little different than usual. I’m a busy person (horrid understatement), and my reply messages to him tend to include that much — “Just being busy”. This round, however, the reply included an update on the newest phase of my life.

Over winter break, something was bothering me. The previous January, I started my studies in a new major — New Media Communications with a minor in Creative Writing. After two years of engineering and living every day for the hope that I could reach my biggest goals, things were different. Writing was on my mind, and I told myself regularly that professional writing was the life for me; it wasn’t enough 12 months later.

If you’re given a gift, use it. If you’re given multiple gifts, use them all.

Between the contributions from my mom and dad, I have so many personality traits and odd talents that I have trouble grasping who “me” really is. But I sought clarity in December, and happy is “me”. For the first time in over a year, I saw a trail leading to something good — something secure, admirable, desirable, pleasant.

Friends and family prior to my stretch of writing madness knew me as the “racecar guy”. A job in motorsport was everything I wanted. When engineering died, the dream died. And I’m proud to say the dream returned, because I saw opportunity.

What my mom has: Fire, competitive spirit, confidence, infectious determination, and a nothing-is-impossible vision of life

What my dad has: Feel for humanity, character, compassion, a crazy-awesome sense of humor, constant optimism, and a do-only-what-makes-you-happy vision of life

The combination of the traits contribute to my interesting personality classification: INFJ (we had to take a test for a class).

I think I made my dad happy when I said motorsport Public Relations is my new goal, because he responded with “Very good idea. Maybe some of that flair comes from the old man ;-)”

No — ALL of that flair comes from my old man…but mom added the kick. Happy Valentines Day.